Many home caregivers know — either from experience or from reports in the media — that scams targeting senior citizens

Even in times when the political landscape is relatively smooth, home caregivers may need to advocate for their loved ones

Many home caregivers may be interested in the proposed Credit for Caring Act (S. 1151), which was introduced to the

Often, home caregivers are tending to individuals who may not now, or may not at some time in the future,

High stress is nobody’s friend, least of all home caregivers, who usually have more than a full load to handle.

As we all know, home caregivers provide an enormous and invaluable service, one which often takes up a substantial part

Of all the challenges that home caregivers face, one of the most awkward is being put in the position of

"We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with some of Fairfax County's most special people, our CAREGivers."

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