Home Caregivers Deserve Appreciation!

December 7, 2015
home caregivers deserve appreciation! Give Poinsettias!

Poinsettias make great end-of-year appreciation gifts!

Give Poinsettias as End-of-Year Appreciation Gifts

  • “Sally came today and helped me with my makeup and hair. She always has a sunny smile and encourages me to see the bright side of life. Freda came yesterday. She is such a good cook. I don’t know what I ever did without my girls!”
  • “Andy happily spent the weekend with my dad. He comes regularly on weekends. He’s a godsend! He helps Dad bathe, eat, and go for walks in the park. He takes care of whatever dad needs or wants, and gives Dad something to look forward to. We could not do without him!”

Do these words of appreciation and affection sound familiar to you? Is this how you feel about your home caregiver?

It is safe to say that home caregivers are a special breed. Most of them feel that what they do isn’t just a job, but a career in which they feel compelled to help people, physically as well as emotionally. They often work long hours and under demanding circumstances. Yet they sing, hum, laugh, and smile. Their dedication to providing quality care for those who are ill or need help deserves accolades.

A wonderfully tangible way to show appreciation for your home caregivers is to make a gift of beautiful poinsettias. These lovely plants are common this time of the year and fairly inexpensive. They come in a variety of colors, from the most common red to a pastel yellow. You can even find them in vibrant two-color varieties.

The poinsettia has also long been associated with Christmas, making it a good gift choice this time of year. It was called Cuetlaxochitl, or “star flower,” by the Aztecs. A 16th-century Mexican legend tells the tale of a young girl too poor to provide a gift for the customary celebration of Jesus’ birth. So an angel suggested she gather weeds from the roadside and offer them. The weeds bloomed, and turned into the beautiful crimson flowers that we call poinsettias.

While this is only a legend, many of us do feel our home caregivers are angels in disguise. Therefore, how appropriate to give the “star flower” as an end-of-year appreciation gift! In fact, December 12th has been designated as Poinsettia Day in celebration of this beautiful flower. Why not combine this celebrated day with a celebration of all that your home caregivers do for you!

Writer, KC Morgan

Karla and her husband, Art, have been married 31 years. They have two children. She grew up in Houston, TX. She has always loved to read, cook, swim, travel and crafting of all sorts. One day she would love to say she has traversed the whole earth. She taught Montessori school for many years and has tutored many students over the years. She has been interested in the medical field for many years and has been a caregiver for several friends and family members over the past 10 years. Her love of reading has motivated her to try a new challenge, writing.

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