Five Entertainment Discounts for Seniors

April 22, 2013
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Senior services and discounts can make entertainment more affordable.

Even before America entered the economic depression with which it has been grappling for the last few years, many older citizens needed to watch their pocketbooks. Money can be a big issue for seniors. Some forego entertainment because it’s just too expensive; however, there are some senior discounts that can make doing something “just for fun” a bit more affordable. Here are a few inexpensive ways in which you can treat yourself.

  • Take in a movie. It’s shocking how expensive movies have become, but there are ways of seeing films at less than full price. Many theaters still give discounts for matinee showings. Some theaters also offer special bargain nights, usually on weeknights when attendance tends to be low. Members of the Regal Entertainment Group, AMC/Loews, and National Amusements theater chains offer senior discounts as high as 30%.
  • Get amused. It’s fun to go to amusement parks with your grandkids, even if you may feel like just watching while they ride the roller coaster. However, the cost of admission to many such parks is less fun. Fortunately, Busch Gardens, Hershey Park, and SeaWorld Orlando, among others, offer discounts to senior visitors.
  • Go green. Does “home on the range” mean the driving range for you? Many golf clubs offer senior discounts, either on seasonal or occasional bases. The discounts and details vary from club to club, and you may have to play at off-peak times, but it’s often worth adjusting your schedule to get the discount.
  • Dive in. Swimming is not only fun, but it’s also terrific exercise. Some community pools and country clubs offer senior discounts. Many YMCA’s also provide lower rates for those over a certain age.
  • Catch up on culture. Museums can be wonderful places to lose yourself for a few hours. You’re surrounded by beautiful, challenging, intriguing works that you can view at your own pace. You can linger over those that fascinate you and glance at those that don’t speak to you. Many museums offer discounts to attract older patrons; if you are interested in seeing a certain exhibit, contact the museum to see what it offers.

Don’t stop with these suggestions. For example, many organizations such as the American Association of Retired Persons and the American Automobile Association have arrangements with vendors and companies to provide discounts to their members. Always check to see if the entertainment option you are considering is associated with one of your member organizations.

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Writer, Craig Butler

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