Give Your Sweetheart Flowers to Celebrate Forget-Me-Not Day!

November 9, 2012

Remember The Ones You Love

caregiver appreciation - give forget-me-not flowers!

Show your caregiver some appreciation with a cheerful gift!

Have you shown your sweetheart you love them lately? Have you shown your caregiver appreciation? Why not surprise them with a huge bouquet of Forget-me-not flowers?

The Myosotis (forget-me-not) is a cluster of beautiful, little blue or pink flowers with golden centers and small, brilliant green leaves shaped like a mouse’s ear. It is an annual flower which grows in small mounds and can reach a maximum height of about ten inches. This tiny flower is originally from New Zealand. It has been the state flower of Alaska since 1917. The forget-me-not flower (a.k.a. mouse’s ear) grows in many parts of the world in about 50 different varieties.

This flower has many legends and much folklore surrounding the origin of it’s name. A cute German folklore states that this tiny flowering plant got it’s name because it cried out, “Forget-me-not, O Lord!” when God was naming all the plants at the beginning of creation. A legend of love relates a medieval knight was walking with his sweetheart on a riverbank and slipped into the water. Due to the weight of his armor, he couldn’t get out. As his sweetheart wept and tried unsuccessfully to pull him out, he handed her a small bouquet of blue flowers and whispered in regret, “Forget me not.”

While it isn’t the flower we often think of in relation to love, it is used to symbolize fond memories, remembrance, hope and most of all faithful love. This charming flower with vivid colors captures hearts. In fact, many poets; such as, Henry David Thoreau and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, mention the forget-me-not flower in their writings of love.

The seeds of this tiny flower also make a great gift especially for seniors or caregivers who live in apartments or have small yards. They are easy to grow and will reseed themselves from year to year. They grow well in containers and can be placed on a porch, deck or partially shaded patio. They are partial to cool, moist weather in areas with filtered sunlight or partial shade.

Some common varieties of seeds are Indigo Compacta (darker-colored with flowers that are tiny), White Ball (white blooms), Blue Ball (bright blue blooms), and Victoria Mixed (blue, white, and pink blooms). Whichever variety you choose to gift will certainly be enjoyed! Their beautiful colors, shapes and intricate design will certainly show your depth of love and appreciation.

caregiver appreciation - give forget me not flowers

Show your sweetheart you love them!

Celebrate National Forget-Me-Not Day November 10th and surprise your sweetheart or caregiver with a pretty bouquet of forget-me-not flowers!





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