The Best Activities for the Disabled – Part II

September 14, 2012

It can be difficult to think outside the box and find new and fun things to do with the seniors in your life if they are limited by Alzheimer’s Disease, arthritis or other infirmities, but there is no need to resign yourselves to sitting in front of the television all day!  Here are five more things that are fun, healthy, and different! We are guessing at least one of these will appeal to your loved ones.


Being stuck inside day after day can make the days really drag and can even create heath problems.  So, get up and get moving! A walk – long or short, is powerful medicine for getting your blood flowing. Whether it be a walk around the block, or a stroll around the nearby mall, a change of scenery will do you and your senior companion good.


home insteadActivities for Seniors can go way beyond Bingo and knitting!

Don’t be quick to say, “But I can’t dance!” You don’t have to know any specific dances or special moves to put on some music and get dancing! Dancing is great for the body and cardiovascular health, and it is said to build muscle and increase balance. Believe it or not, dancing improves your thinking as well. So why not get up, put on some music, and grab a partner! Of course, you’ll want to check with a doctor to make sure you aren’t doing more harm than good.  Even some with advanced Alzheimer’s Disease or other dementia can respond to music – try playing some that was popular when they were young.

Gardening and Cooking

Have you ever had the satisfaction of biting into a fresh grown vegetable? What about one you’ve grown yourself? Gardening can be a great source of enjoyment for older ones, as they can do it right from their own home. Did I mention that the it’s quite a workout tending to a garden? Bending and pulling and lifting can be tiresome, and leave one feeling accomplished at the end of the day.

If traditional gardening is too strenuous, try container gardening.  Even  a pot or window box full of herbs provides relaxation and a tasty addition to home-cooked meals.

Playing Ball

No, not playing catch. Although for those who have grandchildren, why not? What I did mean was a round of golf! Think your senior might be too old or weak to play? Think again! If you can be up and active, the laws of motion say you’ll stay this way (just check with their Dr. first). Maybe they won’t make it around an entire course, but could you try a driving range, or mini golf? This can be a great summer activity!

Serving Others

Have you ever thought about volunteering? Some communities offer senior volunteer programs to keep older ones busy, and help them give back. Seniors can serve at schools, hospitals, churches or animal shelters. So think, what is your senior loved one interested in?  What might you enjoy doing together?

We hope these suggestions have gotten you thinking about helping your senior friends and relatives (and yourself?) moving.  What other ideas would you add?  Please comment below!

Writer, Kristy Billiingslea

Growing up working on classic hot rods with her father, Kristy and her dad restored a 1953 Ford pickup that she still owns. A big photography buff, Kristy's main passion is writing, and she loves any opportunity to support those who care for our seniors.

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