The Best Activities for the Disabled – Part 1

September 7, 2012

Have you ever felt held back? Limited? Like there was something you wanted to do, but you could not? Many of us have felt that way for one reason or another. A physical or emotional disability can make it  difficult for a person to enjoy life the way others do, but that doesn’t mean that a disabled person must sit and do nothing fun. Here’s a list of the top ten most popular activities that disabled seniors enjoy.

Creative Arts

Art can be a powerful outlet for seniors, emotionally or spiritually.  Creative arts include things such as:Activities for Seniors

  • sketching
  • painting
  • sculpting
  • photography
  • performing arts
  • dancing
  • singing
  • theater

All of these things are great options for people who are physically disabled in some way.


The benefits of swimming are many. Not only is it a fun, enjoyable activity, but it also comes with numerous health benefits. Swimming can do the following:

  • Decrease the risk of chronic illness
  • Improve health for those with heart disease and diabetes
  • Lessen osteoarthritis pain
  • Improve joint health for anyone with rheumatoid arthritis
  • Maintain or improve post-menopausal bone health
  • Decrease depression and improve mood


That two dollar junky chair mom found at a yard sale makes an excellent project as a fixer-upper. Sand it down, throw on some new paint and a new piece of fabric and it’s as good as new. Anything from the old boat that won’t run to the jeans that need mending can be a project on which an older one can feel good about spending time. What better feeling than ending your day with a sense of accomplishment and hard work?


Now, more than ever, are seniors stepping out of the box of normal exercise and switching it up with a yoga mat. When most of us picture yoga, though, we picture twisted up positions and turning our bodies into pretzels. That is not all yoga is. Yoga can even be done from a chair, for those who are disabled and unable to sit from the floor. This type of exercise and stretching has health benefits such as improving blood flow and improving overall circulation.


Traveling to new places can be a great activity for those who are disabled. While some may enjoy site seeing, others may enjoy just quick get away, maybe even to places not to far from them. Wherever you choose to travel, you may enjoy just getting away and seeing something new.

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Writer, Kristy Billiingslea

Growing up working on classic hot rods with her father, Kristy and her dad restored a 1953 Ford pickup that she still owns. A big photography buff, Kristy's main passion is writing, and she loves any opportunity to support those who care for our seniors.

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