The Arthritis Foundation, Mid Atlantic Region, Can Help Fairfax Seniors

September 1, 2011

The Arthritis Foundation features numerous programs to help arthritis sufferers manage their disease.  Notably, exercise programs have been proven to be the most effective method in increasing mobility, decreasing pain, and relieving joint stiffness. 

The Arthritis Foundation, Mid Atlantic Region features a series of exercise programs that are designed specifically to target arthritis-related issues.  The Arthritis Foundation Life Improvement Series Programs are low-impact courses that focus on relief from arthritis pain and increased joint mobility.

Some programs that may be available in Fairfax include:

  • “Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program” which is a floor exercise program.
  • “Arthritis Foundation Self-Help Program” which offers arthritis management skills.
  • “Arthritis Foundation Tai Chi Program” offers balance exercise routines and stress-reducing programs.
  • “Arthritis Foundation Walk with Ease Program” offers a workbook and program designed to provide participants with the information and tools to develop a safe walking routine.

Additionally, the Arthritis Foundation and offer general strategies on topics such as caregiving tips, ease-of-use products. Additionally, these websites offer hundreds of publications that can provide helpful information ranging from medications, diet and exercise to research progress.

If you have suggestions and tips on coping with arthritis, please join our discussion below or on our Caregiver Forum

Jason Sager, Owner Home Instead Senior Care Fairfax, Virginia

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